Amalfi – Renaissance : version française (Pick up Essen 2023)


AMALFI – Renaissance 

In Amalfi: Renaissance, players take on the role of merchants in the Italian port town of Amalfi during the Renaissance period. The town was a dominant maritime power during the last century, however its importance has diminished. The merchants of Amalfi are eager to recapture their previous success and revive the abandoned port town, but they only have 6 small ships.

Players trade resources using their ships and earn money and invest it in improving their infrastructure to help earn even more money!

  • By purchasing charts and investing in navigation, players can earn more money, more efficiently.
  • By building new ships, players can have more workers to take more actions.
  • By collecting paints, books and historical buildings, they receive honor and acclaim.
  • By hiring renowned historical figures who supports strategy, the players actions get stronger.
  • By creating counters in the cities who gives you more resources and new opportunities

Players work towards the goal of reviving Amalfi:Renaissance, while also becoming the most successful family in this historically significant harbor city. The game ends after 4 rounds. The player with the most Victory Points wins.

This new edition includes new rules (how you can build counters), all new characters, the level design has been changed, and
the value of the cards has been updated and a SOLO MODE.

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AMALFI – Renaissance :