About Sylex

Since 2017, Sylex sharpens colourful board games with care and passion.

3 points are particularly important to us in the choice and development of our games:

  • Simple as possible rules, for an accessible experience to the most people.
  • Depth in gameplays offering pleasure and mastery growing with each game
  • Finally, games in which theme and gameplay are constantly intertwined to offer the essential immersion to any good playful journey

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After a few months holed up in our caves chiselling our games, our meeting with players began in 2018 with a success on Kickstarter: Dreamscape.

Dreamscape - Core Box Components - English version

In this dream world created by David Ausloos (he’s the illustrator too!), you can create landscapes by arranging in 3 dimensions coloured wooden tokens representing fragments of dreams. Your Dreamscape will evolve over the course of the game according to your daydreams, and especially your ability to optimize each of your actions.

Dreamscape is now available in the shop with its 4 extensions and surprises and new features: whether you want to continue to have peaceful dreams or experience full of twisted interactions nightmares, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Roméo & Juliette - Julien Prothière, Jean-Philippe Sahut, David Cochard - Sylex

Our next title is a game by Julien Prothière and Jean-Philippe Sahut, illustrated by David Cochard, in the world of Shakespeare, the famous tragedy of the damned lovers of Verona: Romeo & Juliet.
Let love triumph in this game for 2 players that is sure to stir your brain up!
Already a success during our last visit to the Cannes International Board Games Festival, Romeo & Juliet will soon be available in stores, and is already available for pre-order on our website. Take advantage of it!

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Sylex Team

We’re always looking for new talent and new games!

Then, whether you’re an author, illustrator, editor, or simply want to tell us about this crazy game that’s never known a french version, don’t hesitate to send us an email to: contact@sylex-edition.com